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Day 27 ~ The Crown is Done

Finally finished working on the crown. Each gem is 3 colors, so it takes a lot of time keep changing threads. This part of the crown has taken the most time to complete.


Day 20 ~ First week back to work

First week back to school has shown its toll on the progress on the project. Didn’t get around to how much I wanted to. Weekend came and went without getting even 2 hours to do cross stitch. Stupid work & life getting in the way of my cross stitch!

Day 13 ~ Taking a break

Didn’t get too much work done today. Last day before school starts tomorrow, so need to take care of some stuff at home before the madness begins.

Day 12 ~ Happy New Year

Still working on the crown today. Made some progress and a few mistakes that weren’t too hard to correct.   

Day 11 ~ New Year’s Eve

An exciting New Year’s Eve of stitching. Working on the crown for most of the day. It is much more complicated than it looks and takes a lot of time to do one whole round.

Day 10 ~ Filling in the spaces

Spent most of the day filling in the crown. The progress doesn’t reflect the amount of time that I actually spent on it. So I tried to fill in the eyebrows and the tassel, just to make me fell that I actually did something today. In other news, the Enchillidas today and had to listen to the neighbors bang on all day working on the new “album”. Note to self: Don’t live next to a hippity hop DJ.

Day 9 ~ The Crown

Started working on the crown today. It is almost as tough as the necklace, but there is some sort of pattern which makes it a little easier.

Day 8 ~ Head

Didn’t get much done today since the entire day was spent working (and watching the muppets). Nevertheless, got some done in the evening. Finishing up the top parts of the ears, did the eyebrows and the forehead. Hopefully, tomorrow I will begin on the crown. I hope it is not as challenging as the necklace.

Day 7 ~ Ears & Teeths

Filled in the tusks and the finished the ears today.

Day 6 ~ Boxing Day

Still working on finishing the necklace, managed to get most of it done, including the large pendant. Did some more work on the left ear.