Completed Ganesh Project!


Day 94 ~ Da Da DONE!!!!

Just shy of 100 days, I have completed the project!!! Start Date: 12/20/2010, End Date: 3/24/2011. In the mean while, I’ve also managed to buy a new house, almost move into it, turn 30, make 3-4 trips to Disney World,  apply and get a permanent job and a raise. Not a bad 3 months!

I also want to also show the sketch that I have been working with to make the cross-stitch! Because I didn’t want to ruin the instruction book let (in the case of the highly unlikely event that I end up making another one of these 😉 ), I made color copies of the pages and marked the completed stitches on it using a sharpie. I probably spent at least a 1/5th of my time just marking up the instructions, but it was really worth it as it helps me not make (too many) mistakes.

Day 91 ~ What a difference an outline makes!

Am very nearing completion, just a few small areas to cover and a few finishing touches and outlining. I am now finally getting to a point where I am a little bored with doing the cross-stitch. But it will be over soon!

Day 84 ~ High 15

Three arms down, one left to go.  Other than that, I have the eyes and the shading left.  Another couple of weeks and this should be done.


Day 72 ~ By Popular, I present the little mouse

It took me around 7 hours to finish the little mouse. It is made up of 16 colors!

Day 68 ~ The end is in sight!

Completed the two legs and feet this week. The feet took surprisingly long with all the jewelry. Have begun on the “cape”. I think I may have time to finish the two other arms before we move in. I will be relieved when this is over.

Have decided on a place in the new house to hang the Ganesh.

Day 61 ~ One leg down, one more to go

I have 2 weeks left to complete it. Finally got the first leg/knee done. Took much longer to do than expected, especially since there were such few color changes. I don’t have much hope for completing the other two arms at this point.

Day 54 ~ Progress is slow

With work and travel, progress on the Ganesh has been slow. Hope to make up some lost time this week. Have started work on the leg, which has fewer colors but very intricate and large. Now that I’ve got most the length done, I’m relived to see that even though the stitching is a little off-center, it is still going to fit on the fabric.

Day 41 ~ Left Arm#1 minus the hand

Made good progress on the left arm as well. Ladoos were fun to do. The last part – the hand holding the plate is taking up too much time. The alta (or as Pat calls it – the nail polish) has too many shades and the entire hand itself has too many blended colors. The near is in sight. I shall perceiver. 

Day 34 ~ Right Arm #1

The goal is now to finish at least two arms and the legs. If I have time, I’ll take a stab at the other two arms or else it will have to wait till after we move in.